Exhale - Gift Set
Exhale - Gift Set
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Exhale - Gift Set

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When life seems to be running too fast, take a moment to breathe, recharge and refill your cup. These beautiful gifts sets have been curated with one thing in mind - Your wellbeing. 

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1 X Bloom Bath Salts by Hobo + Co

A therapeutic + relaxing blend of mineral rich pink himalayan + dead sea salts infused with our own blend of rose geranium + lavender pure essential oils. 

 250g in a reusable + recyclable glass bottle.

Add a couple of small handfuls of salts to warm running water. 

1 x Seaweed Soap by Legra 

This hydrating seaweed soap gently buffs and nourishes the skin, leaving the body feeling smooth, clean and refreshed. Seaweed is packed full of minerals and vitamins to repair the skin. Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils provide this bar with exceptional antibacterial skin tonic properties. A perfect, all-round rejuvenating wash.

1 X Rest Candle by Hobo + Co

Bergamot - Lavender - Patchouli

Handcrafted with our own blend of 100% pure essential oils to help de-stress, unwind, promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

All Packaged using linen fabric off cuts - No Waste Here


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